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Nyjah Huston近日在twitter上表示由于伤病不能参加本周末在德国慕尼黑举办的X Games赛事了。

在X Games巴西、巴塞罗那和堪萨斯城的前三站比赛全部获得冠军后,继续夺冠的脚步终于被一根扶手拦住了。上周在劈扶手的时候肋骨造成擦伤,以至于Nyjah被迫推出德国站的比赛,这使更多滑手有了更多的夺得10w美元大奖的机会,也使本次比赛更加具有看点。

"I fell super hard skating a couple days ago and bruised the shit out of ribs. So now i unfortunately wont be able to skate the X Games in Germany this weekend! Im so bummed." - @Nyjah_Huston

It looks like Nyjah Huston will be stepping down from his reign over Street League. Just as people were wondering if anything could stop Nyjah from sweeping the whole series, it appears that a handrail can. After taking a spill on a stair set on Saturday, Nyjah came out with a set of badly bruised ribs, forcing him to stand out for the next X-Games stop in Munich.

If you have paid any attention to Street League this year, you will know full well that Nyjah has been the one to beat… taking gold at all three stops in Brazil, Barcelona, then Kansas City. But now with the reigning champ out of the picture, everyone is wondering who will be the person to step up to claim that $100,000 check. At this point it is anyone’s game, which should make this next Street League stop in Munich one of the most interesting to watch yet. Let the games begin.

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