创造滑板后经典时代-Penny X Pendleton艺术家合作款香蕉板发布

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美国滑板品牌Penny联手滑板艺术家Don Pendleton,推出Penny X Pendleton合作款系列香蕉板。塑料香蕉板一直是Penny的经典代表,如今又有大名鼎鼎的Don Pendleton用自己独特的艺术设计风格为Penny赋予新的视觉生命,开创滑板后经典时代。

Don Pendleton knows a thing or two about skateboarding and art, so it’s no wonder that Penny Skateboards reached out to him to do a collaboration. Click through for some info on this collab and to check out a few of the boards. Making a career out of his two great passions, skateboarding and art, Don Pendleton knows a thing or two about a good skateboard graphic. So for Penny Skateboards, renown for their fun colours and fashion forward graphics, collaboration was only natural.

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