The Skateboard Mag滑板杂志推出电子版

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    近日The Skateboard Mag滑板杂志也正式加入Zinio,成为继Transworld Skateboarding, Thrasher和Skateboarder Mag之后的又一家提供数码订阅的滑板杂志。

    Zinio订阅是一种更加完美的阅读杂志的方式,通过点击iPhone, iPad或家用电脑便可轻松阅读。

    现在你可以选择花7.99美元订阅12期The Skateboard Mag的电子版,或者花25.95美元订阅24期印刷版24,都可获得一套免费赠送的Bones复古轮。

    Looks like well be reading The Skateboard Mag again now that theyve jumped on the Zinio digital subscription bandwagon (joining Transworld Skateboarding, Thrasher, and Skateboarder Mag).

    Zinio subscriptions are the perfect way to read print magazine content (not that its all that necessary). Flipping through the spreads on an iPhone, iPad, or home computer is as easy as swiping a finger, and reading a story only takes simple click on the text button to bring up text only mode.

    Get 12 digital issues of The Skateboard Mag now for only $7.99 or be old school and pay $25.95 for 24 print issues and a free set of Bones OG wheels.

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