【滑板文艺】摄影师Dave Chami,出镜滑手Peter Raffin

作者: Dave Chami 发表于: 2013-10-11 评论: 0 查看: 0

Transworld skateboarding的transmission栏目在本周五发布了滑手Peter raffin的个人整片,摄影师兼Peter的好友Dave chami也是在TWS网站上发布了部分他个人最喜欢的近几年给Peter拍摄的照片以示庆祝,一起来欣赏一下吧

I’ve been skating with Peter pretty regularly since I moved to the Bay area, he’s become a good friend and is always entertaining to hang out and skate with. To celebrate the Transmission video part he’s just filmed with us and the interview he has in the October issue here is a look back at some of my favorite images I’ve captured of him over the past few years.—Dave Chami



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