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Sean Malto edged out Torey Pudwill for second place in Foz do Iguaçu. Early on, however, it didn’t seem as though Malto would endup in the winner’s circle. Despite a solid run in  the Flow Section, he began with two bails in the Impact Section before putting himself back  in the mix with two big makes. Below, Malto discusses his mental state during the contest,  his time in South America’s largest country, and his new focus: improving his Street  League game plan. —Reggie Altema 


Sean Malto在伊瓜苏险胜Torey Pudwill,获得第二名。然而最初,Malto看起来并不会排进前三,尽管
Malto在Flow Section做了一条很不错的line,但在Impact Section的开局,他就出现了两次失误,实在
生活,以及和他的新目标:提高在Street League中的成绩。


Was this your first time in Brazil?

Yeah, it was my first time in Brazil. I was psyched. It was a place I always wanted to go 
 to. It’s cool that we got to go for Street League. We were in the countryside. We flew 
 into Sao Paulo where we had a layover. Sao Paulo is a city of buildings as far as you can 
 see. It’s one of the biggest cities in the world, I was kind of tripping over that. Then 
 we took an hour flight to Foz do Iguaçu. There wasn’t really anything out there. It was 
 weird, but cool to not be in a city.
 Street League是一件很酷的事情。我们先飞到了圣保罗,一个很大的城市,到处都是房子的城市,我们
Name something unrelated to skating that sticks out from your trip.
The main attraction which I got to see was the massive waterfalls. It’s three times the 
size of Niagara Falls; it’s one of the biggest waterfalls in the world. It was amazing to 
see that and trip out on a natural wonder of the world. Other than that, it’s hard to do 
Brazil when you’ve got a contest. I was there for five days and I was dealing with the 
contest for four of them. It’s hard to get out and actually experience the country.
What was it like skating the X Games vert ramp by the Iguacu Falls at sunset?
在夕阳时分的伊瓜苏瀑布旁玩X Games vert ramp是什么情况?
We were at the contest, and the falls were what the site had to offer, so we wanted to go 
see it. It was me, Koston, Grant Taylor, Cory Kennedy, and Mikey Taylor. We got on the 
shuttle to the vert ramp and when we got there Grant Taylor was shredding it while we were 
all trying to drop in. We tripped out on the falls, but what we didn’t realize was that to 
get back it was really complicated. It was later at night and shuttle service was kind of 
cut off. We had to figure out a shuttle back to the X Games, which was an hour ride and 
then we took another shuttle for an hour to our hotel. It was definitely a way bigger 
ordeal than what we wanted or what we thought it would be. But we got to see the 
waterfalls, so I can’t really complain.
我们当时在比赛,已经听说了大瀑布,所以我们想去看看。我和Koston,Grant Taylor,Cory Kennedy
还有Mikey Taylor坐摆渡车去了vert ramp,当我们到那里时,Grant Taylor就躁了起来,然后我们都在
尝试去drop in。我们玩得特别入迷,所以都没有意识到回去是已经很复杂的事情。到天快黑的时候,摆
What are your thoughts on the Select Series? Were you able to watch it?
I did watch it. It’s cool. I feel bad for some of those guys because it’s really hard. 
You have to win the Select Series; then the next day you have to qualify for the finals; 
then the day after that you have to skate the finals. So it’s like adding an extra step to 
an already difficult contest. Those guys shred and it’s cool to see them. I’m glad they 
have an opportunity to shred in Street League.
他们有机会在Street League里拼搏。
You’ve been in Street League since day one, so is it safe to say you don’t just show up 
and skate? You do have a game plan, right?
你从第一天起就参加了Street League,所以你不是刚到达就要滑板。你自己有一个比赛计划,对吧?
No. This Brazil stop really put things into perspective about the strategy of the contest. 
You need to go into this thing with a plan for all scenarios. I felt myself scrambling. I 
felt myself trying to figure out what trick I wanted to do, 20 seconds before they called 
me to go. There’s a lot of money on the line and it’s a big contest, I would hope the 
next time I’ll be a little more prepared and not just try to wing it. I’ve been in it 
since the beginning but they’re tweaking the format here and there, and I think this 
format is the one they’re sticking with, so now I need to figure out exactly how I want to 
play it.
我下次必须准备的更好而不是仅仅的临场发挥。我从最开始就参加了Street League但是他们在不停地调
You had a pretty much perfect run in the Flow Section and it earned you an 8.3. Were you 
just feeling it that day?
你在Flow Section有一轮很完美的发挥,而且让你拿了8.3分,你当时是不是感觉很不错?
Yeah. The course was good for me. I liked it. You can kind of loop around and skate those 
quarter-pipes. I was having a good day. That contest is kind of founded on having a good 
day. Everyone in the contest is there for a reason, they all have a shot to win it. It just 
comes down to how you’re feeling that day and how you like the course. For me, I was in 
Brazil and I was psyched to be there and psyched on the course, so it worked out.
In the Control Section you were pretty good, then in the Impact Section  you fell twice 
trying a back noseblunt down the Hubba, which you had made earlier in the contest. What 
goes through your mind when you’re bailing in a critical part of the contest. Do you start 
在Control Section你表现的挺不错的,但是到了Impact Section你在back noseblunt上倒下了两次,而
Yeah. Also, what sucks and I didn’t factor this in before I went out, but we’re skating 
outside. It wasn’t an air-conditioned arena. It was a hot, sunny Brazilian day. They 
delayed us thirty minutes because the vert contest went on too long. By the time we went 
out and we got to the end, I was tired. My body was drained. It was hard for me to get into 
it. Since we got delayed, they kind of shot us through it. So when we got to the Impact 
Section there was not a lot of practice time. I had to change my tricks up. I wanted to 
nollie up a rail but I was scared I wouldn’t get up there so I did the backnose blunt to 
kind of get my legs going again. Unfortunately I got stuck twice, and the first try I had 
was just a scared attempt. After I tried that first one, I was thinking in my head that it 
was such an [er, unmanly] attempt at a backside noseblunt slide…
我身上都湿透了。对我来说很难再集中精力。因为我们被延迟了,所以当我们开始Impact Section的
做了back noseblunt。很不幸的是我卡住了两次,第一次只是一次害怕的尝试。当我试了第一次的时候
When it stuck twice, it put you in a position where you had no choice but to land four 
hammers in a row. Does that go through your mind?
Yeah. It’s definitely there. I tell myself, “If I want a shot at this, I need to do four 
good tricks.” My strategy is to land four solid tricks, and then use my last few tries to 
try something harder to honestly get by Nyjah—you know he has four hard tricks. Once I 
fell on those first two, I was like, “There that goes, I don’t have that cushion anymore.
 I started scrambling in my brain. I was trying to figure out what tricks to do. That’s 
how I ended up trying that switch flip over the Hubba. That was an impulse thing. It was 
the first time I tried it all week I was there, and it showed. I didn’t feel it out. I 
tried it just off a whim, like, “I need to do something.” Because I know Nyjah is going 
to come in hot.
以我最后尝试了switch flip过hubba。那只是一时兴起,是在那里一周以来我第一次尝试那样做,但是
But you did do something. You did the nollie back overcrook on the handrail.
但是你确实成了些狠招。你在扶手上做了nollie back overcrook。
Yeah, when I realized I had four tricks left, I decided to go to the tricks I know. I had 
my nollie front feeble and my nollie overcrook. I knew I could just do one of those and 
make it, before I had to figure out what I was going to do on my second attempt. Once I 
landed those two I had two tries left and Nyjah was already running away with it. If I had 
stuck to my original gameplan I would have come up short anyways, so I might as well try 
something hard and make it. There is a lot of difference between first and second—that’s 
$80,000 in prize money. So what’s the point? If I’m there I have to try to do something 
that could get me in a spot where I could win. I tried the switch flip and it didn’t work, 
so I tried to land the backside noseblunt just to land something and fortunately for me it 
was a weird contest. Everybody only landed three out of six tricks besides Nyjah. I kind of 
 lucked out and got bumped into second place.
对,当我意识到我只剩下4次机会时,我决定做我熟悉的招。我有nollie front feeble和nollie 
什么?我必须做一些能让我赢的招。我做了switch flip但是失败了。然后我很幸运的成了back 
Yeah, I looked at it the same way. You kind of faded away after your bails and then made 
some tough tricks.
At the end, Chaz, Luan and Torey, if any of those dudes had landed anything they would’ve 
gotten second place. The problem is none of those dudes are playing for second. They’re 
like, “I’m going to try to some hard tricks to get into first.” Contests like this, from 
second place to eighth place, it’s kind of the same, money-wise. You might as well try to 
go for first and come up on that extra money. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super psyched on 
second place. I’m so excited to come away with a podium spot out of Brazil.
What are you looking forward to in Barcelona?
Barcelona is fun. Barcelona is awesome. I love it there. I guess I’m just looking forward 
to skating and doing demos there. I’ve to Barcelona a lot of times, but never really did 
anything with the kids there. It would be cool to skate the contest and have kids come out, 
and not be in the middle of filming a video part. I’m also looking forward to mentally 
getting my gameplan back together and hopefully not bail on the first two tricks of the big 
当然我也打算找回我的比赛方案,不要再在big section的前两次尝试里失误了。
Anything else?
Another thing that’s going to be good about Barcelona is that everything is going to be 
close by. In Brazil the shuttles took an hour. That meant you had to get up an hour earlier 
to try to get there and it just made things a little more difficult. I’m psyched Brazil 
went as smoothly as it did but I’m just looking forward to Barcelona because you can be on 
your own schedule. If you want to skate the park late at night, you can do that. You can 
just come in and be on your own schedule.
Can we expect to see you in the top three in Barcelona?
Yeah. I’m trying my hardest to be in the top one.
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